Wary reticence as a reaction to the absence of people. The indication of the presence of people heightens the chance of fulfilling an innate desire to connect as well as it feeds fear of confrontation. The other is present in the traces left on the silent witness that is anything that’s built/made/composed, interior and exterior alike. The soothing home, in which we put so much effort for comfort, and it’s particular location in the surroundings, is paradoxically a constant reminder of time’s passing and the loneliness inherent in being. 

Therefore buildings ambiguously not only signalise the problem (existential anxiety), but they also testify the ‘solution’ (to distract ourselves).


Summer Program Advanced Painting (Ira Richer) at the School of Visual Arts, New York, USA
Two-month art residency in Rome, Italy
MSc in Architecture, Honorable Mention, TUDelft, the Netherlands